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New Cold Water Gallery 
The Fin Foundation Images volunteers welcome our newest photographer with the creation of a new gallery from the polar regions of our planet.  John Trone has graciously provided us some very special images. 

Bringing The Ocean To The Classroom

This site is dedicated to educating the young people who will inherit the job of protecting our precious ocean and its creatures. Your purchase of these image prints, generously donated by our special photographers from around the world, supports Fin Foundation volunteers bringing marine science and ocean awareness to communities across the Southwest United States.

Together, this consortium of marine biologists, educators, ocean enthusiasts, photographers and community volunteers are making a difference. We have reached over 75,000 young people in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas since our founding in 2009.

You too can help by purchasing wonderful prints of the images seen here. 100% of the profits from your purchase will go to the Fin Foundation's operations, bringing greater ocean awareness to our world! We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supported by donations from individuals, product sales, and corporate sponsors. If you'd like to learn more about us, click on the link above or go to http://thefinfoundation.org/.

All the images are the copyright of the donating photographer and are provided solely for the use of the Fin Foundation.

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Our Cold Water Friends

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Our Cold Water Friends