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Created 30-Jun-13
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Special School Uniform Gallery
A special gallery of images from the extraordinary dive guides of Critters@Lembeh dive operation, Lembeh Resort in Indonesia. Many of the children that live in the local villages on Lembeh Island cannot afford to buy the mandatory uniforms in order to attend school. All of us understand how critical education is to the future of these young people. All the proceeds from this gallery go to provide school uniforms for the children of Lembeh Island. Your purchase of an 11 x 14 print will provide one child the three school uniforms they need for the year. A 16 x 24 print will help two children and a beautiful 24 x 36 print will allow three children to be able to go to school for the year. If your walls are already full of images you can contribute directly by going to to learn more.
A beautiful Blue Ring Octopus image made by Vadly "Opo" Makasighe from Lembeh, IndonesiaA Phylodesmium parangatum nudibranchA Wonderpus octopus from Lembeh Indonesia by Fandy SangiThe rare and wonderful Hairy Frogfish (Antennarius striatus) on the black sand of Lembeh, Indonesia.  Image by Maykel LumondoHypselodoris bullocki by Vadly "Opo" MakasigheA bright blue Chromodoris annae nudibranch in the waters of Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.  Image by Jhoe WongkarThe spectacularly colored Glossodoris nudibranch on the reef in Lembeh Strait beautifully captured by Maykel LumondoA special Chromodoris nudibranch image from Lembeh made by Julia SangiHarlequin Shrimp by Vadly "Opo" MakasigheThe mimicry of a Halimeda Ghost Pipefish is wonderfully captured by Iwan MuhaniA Longnose Hawkfish in Lembeh Strait by Jhoe WongkarA beautiful little Painted Orange Frogfish made by Julia SangiThe Mimic Octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus) by Dimpy Jacobs, Lembeh, IndonesiaScarlet Frogfish / Freckeld frogfish by Dimpy JacobsThis wonderful striped catfish image was made by Abner Mangole in LembehA Thorny Seahorse captured by Abner Mangole in Lembeh, Indonesia.Yellow Box Fish by Dimpy JacobsA wonderful image of a Tozeuma Shrimp with eggs by Dimpy Jacobs

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