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Created 30-Jun-13
25 photos

The sales of these images support the Fin Foundation volunteers bringing marine science and ocean awareness to communities across the Southwest United States.
California Sea Lion from La Paz, Mexico by Debi HenshawA Fly By of a California Sea Lion by Debi HenshawCurious Sea Lion by Debi HenshawA pod of curious Bottlenose dolphins cruise by at 120 ft off Roca PartidaFriendly Bottlenose Dolphins at San Benidicto IslandAlmost a pairImage by Steve WilliamsThe Dolphin Dance Troupe, Stenella frontalis, captured by Steve WilliamsStenella frontalis Image by Steve WilliamsThrough a Dolphin's eyes, how strange we must look to them, Image by Steve WilliamsThe dance troupe during a performance, by Steve WilliamsMother and child, Stenella frontalis, Grand Bahamas, Image by Steve WilliamsAtlantic Spotted Dolphin, Stenella frontalis, Image by Steve WilliamsAtlantic Spotted Dolphin, Stenella frontalisImage by Steve WilliamsA wonderous Manatee portrait, Trichechus manatus, Crystal River Florida,  Image by Jeff HartogThe rare and endangered Dugong (Dugong dugon), Marsa Alam in the Red Sea, Image by Karel BernardA pair of Humpback whales in the waters of Tonga.  Image by Karen StoneA spectacular Humpback whale image by Karen Stone.  Image made in TongaA trio of Sperm Whales (Physeter catodon) in the waters off shore Dominica.  The image is from Arun Madisetti and was taken under permit.A special Sperm Whale (Physeter catodon)  image from Arun Madisetti made in the waters off shore Dominica. The image was taken under permit.A fun trio of sea lion pups at Los Islotes. La Paz, Mexico by Michael Zeigler.

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