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Created 30-Jun-13
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The wonder that is the world beneath the waves.
Spectacular Blue Ribbon Eel from Lembeh by Debi HenshawNembrotha portrait by Debi HenshawMantis Close-up from Lembeh by Debi HenshawSquat Lobster from Lembeh by Debi HenshawMantis Portrait from the Phillippines by Debi HenshawA very special Pygmy Seahorse from Debi Henshaw, made in Lembeh, IndonesiaA View of La Paz by Debi HenshawCoconut Octopus made in Manado Indonesia by Debi HenshawCheerleader on the Reef by Debi HenshawWilson's Egg Cowrie from Lembeh by Debi HenshawA Chamered Nautilus from Palau by Debi HenshawSquat Lobster from Anilao by Debi HenshawA Tiger Shrimp Macro by Debi HenshawA Big Fin Reef Squid by Debi HenshawA Bigfin Reef Squid Portrait by Debi HenshawA  Flamingo Tongue, Cyphoma gibbosum,  Bonaire - Image by Jeff WilliamsA simple urchin is turned into a piece of art.  Image by Jeff WilliamsA single conch shell, Grand Cayman,   Image by Mike PowellMother Ocean,  We are all creatures of the sea,  A fascinating image by Mike PowellHomo Sapiens in tribal garments performing underwater ritual of dubious purpose. Grand Cayman,  Image by Jeremy Payne

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